Ernest K. Gann


One of the pilots at Transocean Airlines was Ernest K. Gann, the author of many books, some of which were made into movies. Some of his books include:

  • The High and the Mighty.

  • Island in the Sky. (1944)

  • Fate is the Hunter. (1961)

  • A Hostage to Fortune. (1978)

  • In the Company of Eagles.

  • Songs of the Sirens.

  • Blaze of Noon. (1946)

  • Twilight for the Gods.

  • Fiddler's Green. (1950)

  • Sky Road, his first book, non-fiction, published in 1940.

  • Soldier of Fortune. (1954)

  • The Aviator. (1981)

  • The Antagonists.

Among the books made into movies include:

  • Masada (Based upon The Antagonists.)

  • The Aviator. (1985. Based upon the book of the same name.)

  • Island in the Sky.

  • Blaze of Noon.

  • The High and the Mighty. (1954)

  • Soldier of Fortune. (1955)

  • Fate is the Hunter. (1964)

  • The Raging Tide. (1951, based upon the book, Fiddler's Green.)

Ernie Gann started flying for American Airlines in 1937, having attended the American Airlines class with another pilot, Charles "Chuck" Sisto.

Ernie Gann as born in 1910 and died on December 19, 1991. He has a diversified background, as a teenage film producer in St. Paul, Minnesota, the Yale School of Drama, and worked as a movie cartoonist and a stunt pilot.

In 1938, Gann started flying for American Airlines and flew the North Atlantic, to Africa and India. After World War II ended, Gann left American Airlines and became a pilot for Matson Airlines, which failed shortly thereafter. Eventually, Gann started flying for Transocean Airlines.

Gann and his wife purchased property at Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington.